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Wanting to live in the constant glow of summer magic, our journal will be more than a place to share adventures. Those deep questions of how make progress towards a life currently on our vision board but filled with so much magic and whimsy it still doesn't feel real.

Inspiration for a life lived unapologetically.


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September 2021 Money Check-In

Hello Beautiful! This is me checking in two days “late.” A bunch of stuff is happening this month that will likely distract me from being super particular about my budget. Let’s Start with how and why I budget In January 2020, I found myself $115,000 in debt. I had two choices ignore it or figure […]

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I’m Catherine.
My life has always been filled with magic. As I was approaching my 30's I knew something needed to change. I started using the tools that now exist in our 90 Day Money Mindset course and started making leaps towards the life I wanted instead of struggling to figure it out.
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One of the things I wanted to do in 2021 was to get a better handle on my money through planning and tracker. As an avid journal-keeper this was a simple thing to transition into my life. I wanted to not only make more money but get out of debt. Sounds reasonable – right!? Budgeting […]

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If you were raised by an addict you know the rollercoaster of emotions connected to it. You’ll also understand the shame and guilt associated with “telling” his obvious secret on the internet but… this is my story.

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Night was approaching and the roads were winding in directions that felt like straight towards the stars. I rolled down the window and watched the sunset. I was also in charge of making sure the roads google maps was taking us on weren’t private roads. Spoiler, they were! Here is the problems with my navigation. […]

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In short, heck yes you are a wildflower. Your curiosity about something lead you here. This curiosity mirrors the adventures of an actual wildflower. Going where the wind leads you and looking at less than ideal situations and making the best of it. Wildflowers are what we call the members of our community. You become […]

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It feels so good to finally announce that Whimsy Explorer is back in action and selling our classic zip bags and tassels. It has been a very long process to get back to this point and involved, as life does, many ups and downs. When relaunch had to be delayed I asked if you on […]

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Everything begins with the decision to show up for yourself first!

Have you felt contained by your finances or your job? I've been there and the fact that you are here make me want to say CONGRATS! You are on your way to a life of freedom, fulfillment and abundance. I share my journey to creating a life I love and hopefully you'll have less roadblocks along the way to making this happen for you!

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