2022 Happy New Year

January 2, 2022

I’m Catherine.
In my thirties. Enneagram Type 4.
Money Mindset coach.
Start with where your money actually goes then take simple aligned steps to make more of it and have more freedom. With that freedom I create spaces that bring me joy.

Happy New Year! Honest answers only, Am I the only person who struggled with the idea of everything being closed on a day that feels like it should be filled with ACTION?

I find myself going okay Day 1 of 365. Let’s do this! and then for the most part get slightly annoyed that the intensity isn’t higher. I have to remind myself that each day is roughly 0.3% of the year (and I rounded up). It doesn’t all have to be done TODAY!

So then I decided to put emotions on the back burner and just look at the math of the year and cut myself a little slack. [Hi, My name is Catherine and I am recovering perfectionist]

1 Hour1/87600.0114%
1 Day1/3650.3%
1 Week1/521.92%
1 Month1/128.33%
1 Quarter1/425%

This year I have some big things on my to-do list and I like to jump right into the development of those ideas. Today, January second the pressure seems to be off a little bit and I woke up ready to begin and reminding myself that many times entrepreneurship is actually a really lonely thing. All is well. We still have 99.7% of the year left…. counting today.

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