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Are you a Wildflower?

September 9, 2020

I’m Catherine.
I love a good vision board.
I take afternoon naps in sunbeams 
and love a good road trip.
I love the process of goal setting and making the vision board come to life with some magic and money.

Thirty Something from Florida

In short, heck yes you are a wildflower. Your curiosity about something lead you here. This curiosity mirrors the adventures of an actual wildflower. Going where the wind leads you and looking at less than ideal situations and making the best of it.

Wildflowers are what we call the members of our community. You become a member of this community in different ways.

Instagram: Maybe you found us through our shop account (@shopwhimsyexplorer) or the personal account (@whimsyexplorer). This is a space we like to start the conversation and get direct feedback from you. A space where wildflowers might send prayer requests, share images of exciting things happening and connect us with the many things that set their souls on fire with excitement!

Pinterest: If you have visited us on Pinterest this is my favorite place to get excited about new projects, share places we have been and get inspired to do more. This is the space we are inspired and share to inspire! I love this space and seeing the things you all share encourages me to be driven and excited for the accomplishments of the next day.

Patreon: If you have never used patreon it is a space that allows artists/ creators to develop a group of people to support them every month. For Whimsy Explorer it bridges a gap that we were very interested in having but logistically could not manage on our own. Patreon allows someone to gain access to exclusive rewards, sales, or a number of other things. For us, it is a way for us to create a membership style program without all the behind the scenes desk work of tracking down payments or information management. We get to focus on the stuff we love doing.

We created three tiers depending on how you wanted to show your support/ be rewarded. The first is for $5/month you can directly support our surrogacy fund. After all fees are taken into account the remaining will be deposited directly into that account. From time to time we will give updates on the progress of this fund and the process of surrogacy. The second tier is $10/month and will include exclusive digital resources and gifts. Lastly, we have create a $20/month tier this will include periodic gift boxes that include some of our favorite products, postcards from a recent trip, and a variety of things want to show our gratitude for your support. This last tier means it is especially important to keep your address up to date.

Shop: Many our wildflowers join the community because they have picked up a few items in the shop. We use this space to create products and sell them. A portion of our profits go towards our surrogacy savings account. Without this shop we would not be able to contribute to this fund regularly and would be more likely to jeopardise the authentic voice we strive to have to accomplish this goal.

We also use this space to collaborate with creators who are uncertain of the online platform. This allows them to raise funding for a project or goal they have in mind and get a taste for the space. This falls in line with our belief that there is room at the table to express yourself and it doesn’t take away or distract from what I am doing. Community over competition at work. In addition it allows the wildflowers who are interested and engage in our ‘Work/Business” content a way to put our conversations to action without a huge financial commitment.

Just by showing up here and reading this post we consider you a part of our community. If you want to comment down below or drop us a “Hello” in our Instagram DM’s we would love to connect with you more!

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