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Blue Ridge Mountains

October 29, 2020

I’m Catherine.
I love a good vision board.
I take afternoon naps in sunbeams 
and love a good road trip.
I love the process of goal setting and making the vision board come to life with some magic and money.

Thirty Something from Florida

Night was approaching and the roads were winding in directions that felt like straight towards the stars. I rolled down the window and watched the sunset. I was also in charge of making sure the roads google maps was taking us on weren’t private roads. Spoiler, they were!

Here is the problems with my navigation. I really like to take the road less traveled. 10 minutes out of our way sounds like 10 minutes way more exciting than the interstate or some road we had been on for 90 miles. Let me just say we got there. It was dark but we made it and I had NO idea what I was in store for view wise.

THIS! This was the view. An actual autumn chill was in the air. Instantly obsessed! Let me begin by telling you about this magical place. This is Sky Valley, GA. As a town it is the highest elevation in Georgia. Day 1 I thought we would just hang out and take it easy. This is where I was mistaken. The adventurous side of me CAME TO PLAY!

Backstory: I love the mountains. I spent summers at camp walking through the creeks and climbing hills. Oh! I can’t forget the firepits. This first morning I took a deep breathe and, in a place I’d never been, I felt at home. I actually have these vivid memories of rolling down hills and chasing butterflies.

So Day 1 in Sky Valley was cinnamon rolls (Eeek!) for breakfast. Then I threw on my sneakers and we just started walking. Because we started at the top of the hill it was easy to just keep going.

The leaves were slippery and wet which made the whole walk a thrilling adventure. Paths that might otherwise be totally safe were slightly like ice skating. We just kept walking trying to get to the bottom of the waterfall. Instead we just keep encountering more and more waterfalls. Eventually the path ended and the drop off was too much to navigate with the wet leaves and no real clear path for getting back to the walking trail.

We ended our adventure at Sky Valley Overlook. It had the most gorgeous pink wildflowers which during a time when wildflowers are hard to come by was a fantastic treat.

This spot was down the mountain a bit from where we were staying. I knew I wanted to see sunset because it was the ideal location to see sunset…. honestly that high both sunrise and sunset are beautiful. I’m just a sucker for sunsets because the clouds have about 15 minutes of beautiful pink glows. I’ve captured these moments in my head, I’ve written letters describing my adoration of them. The leaves were drastically different in just the few days we were there. The emotional uplift I felt while there made me realize that if nothing else getting away and spending time like this is important for ones wellbeing.

Day 2 I can only describe at Waterfall Day. Four Waterfalls with hikes and a road that any race car driver would love! One of the waterfalls was structured in such a way that we were able to walk behind it and truly understand the roar of the water as it spilled over the edge. The water also landed in such a way that I was able to find a dozen rainbows dancing over the water. Finding a rainbow was such an exciting treat as a kid. It was always the most exciting part of a rainstorm and a part of science that I could actually get into.

I cried as we left. Even though our adventure was very much not over I just couldn’t let go of the feeling that I was leaving something behind. I rarely feel this way on vacation. Normally I am grateful for the opportunity but very much look forward to taking the experience and use it to flourish in my everyday life. This time, I just really wanted to move to the mountains and go on walks.

There are so many other things going on and that is the nice thing about the Blue Ridge Mountains. They were there way before me and when the time is right they will still be there. Thank goodness for that!

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