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Today is Payday! At least around here, it is. I set up Shopify so that I would get weekly deposits on Fridays because the constant deposits made it VERY difficult to track my finances and I found that I was saying that the money “doesn’t count” because it didn’t feel like a paycheck and there […]

One of the things I wanted to do in 2021 was to get a better handle on my money through planning and tracker. As an avid journal-keeper this was a simple thing to transition into my life. I wanted to not only make more money but get out of debt. Sounds reasonable – right!?

Budgeting my Money

So I bought the Budget by Paycheck Workbook from The Budget Mom. I also joined a Money Bootcamp. Both of these were things I told myself last year I need to incorporate into my life and start doing as routine. ( I am not an affiliate for either of these women. I just truly believe they are a huge part of my financial journey.)

Getting out of debt is not easy. I spent a very long time just celebrating that I paid the minimum payments on the 10 or so accounts that I had. One of the things I’ve already learned is that I thrive in up and down cycles of money. This is no surprise if you read about my childhood being raised by a gambling addict. In understanding that I thrive in that space, it affirmed for me that a cushion is not just nice but necessary especially as I proceed into life with more opportunities and income. Not to sound like a snob because seriously if you’re doing life without a paycheck you’ve hacked the system and this obviously is not a post that will serve you.

I’m not a financial advisor. I am not a money-saving expert. I’ll do things in my budget that makes you go, um okay, WHY? and sometimes you just aren’t going to get an answer. Things like I’ll probably never share the sources of my income week by week but maybe in a monthly or quarterly overview, I’ll be more likely to share that way.


I am talking about this because as people have seen me budgeting they ask questions and pretty quickly want to being the process. They also asked how I felt about manifesting and I responded with glee. Manifesting is totally real and if you doubt it is happening it is probably because you are a manifesting genius! The easiest way to manifest anything is to share your need for a solution or asking for help. Google, Pinterest, any search engine is the hack to so much manifesting. Any then someone says well, I still don’t have the money for it. And to which I respond well have you looked in your budget. If you create a space for it in your budget the universe will fill the void. It may happen in 2 or 3 weeks, months, or years rather than 2-3 days.

Moving Forward

So here is the deal. You can go to the budget mom and buy her workbook but I might suggest just getting the inexpensive download. Starting with my paycheck for January 29th, 2021 I will be sharing my budget. Explaining my cash envelopes a little and my sinking funds in-depth. Where my money comes from is something I will be refraining from sharing just because the sources aren’t important to the progress the budgeting by paycheck method can give you. If there is something that I feel wildflowers (our community) will benefit from then I may share more details but that is not my intention.

Okay, I think that is it. I am excited to share this process with you and would love for you to join me. I’m better at writing blog posts that editing and posting videos in a timely manner. I’d love to track goals and celebrating the wins as we go!


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grab a sweet tea & join me!